“Some parts of our university community have already joined our joint fight against COVID-19 and we are very grateful,” Finance Minister Scott Fielding said in a statement. Interpretation of collective agreements and policies, recruitment procedures, Working Conditions Supervisors/Administrators of Marcie MacDonald Relations Officer 204-474-8393 Marcie.Macdonald@umanitoba.ca supervision Training and Support on Collective Agreements, Human Rights Laws, Labour Standards Agreed for the final year of their four-year collective agreement, in order to renegotiate salaries and administration U, after the Manitoba Labour Board engages the university in an unfair labour practice on government instruction. The union lamented that the university had withdrawn a salary offer. A government spokesman said it was an attack by the faculty association and the university to reach the 2.5% austerity target by mutual agreement. Both sides are already at the negotiating table. Members of the U-m-Facultsverband recently voted in favour of access to the picket line in the labour dispute. Adobe Reader is required to view the collective agreement. Text articles only can be provided on request. As faculty members move towards a possible strike, the provincial government continues to insist that the University of Manitoba find savings on the labour costs it was looking for at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the end, the government relied on a much smaller 2.2% reduction in non-essential operating costs. Jamie Moses, the NDP`s critic for economic development and training, said any union should have the right to negotiate a fair deal. . Faculty rights, obligations and responsibilities; Discipline Appointments and Appointments of Excluded Directors and Board of Governors Both Parties agreed that day to call in a mediator to help resolve their differences.

Last Thursday afternoon, dozens of vehicles and some cyclists circled the Manitoba legislature`s site and honked their horns in protest at the government`s wage stoppage. Letter to amicably re: Joint Metrics Committee The electronic copy of the collective agreement was provided only for convenience. This is not an official copy. The printed collective agreement is the legal document on the negotiated terms of employment of all UMFA members. To request a paper copy, e-mail This email address is protected from spammer bots. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it. In other cases, in Manitoba, public sector employees took a few days of unpaid leave instead of expecting layoffs.