The “available balance” is the amount you have in your account at any given time, available for immediate payments or to cover other expenses. The available balance represents the difference between the current balance and all activities that have not yet been registered in the account (for example. B current deposits, cheques, transfers and withdrawals). The remaining items are the expenses and credits that we have received, but which have not yet been compensated and booked. Our time deposit accounts include certificates of deposit (CD), variable rate and fixed pet rate IRAs and KEOGH accounts. Most have a fixed interest rate that we pay until the due date, unless the bank finds that it is wise for regulatory or other reasons and in the best interest of the bank to close the account before maturity, in which case we pay the fixed interest rate until the account closes. If your account has a variable interest rate, we may change your interest rate and annual rate of return at our discretion and without notice at any time. Please contact your product and fee disclosure to determine if your time deposit account has a fixed or variable interest rate. In a personal agency or convenience account, you authorize your designated agent or convenience agent to act on your behalf with respect to the account. Your agent has no ownership of your account.

In addition to the powers given to your agent in accordance with the law, you also authorize your designated agent to do any other act related to your account. You are responsible for all your agent`s actions, even if your agent opposes your specific instructions or your means of interest or exceeds his authority. We are not responsible for your agent`s breach of loyalty obligation or improper use of your account money. If you write a cheque that we have drawn (including z.B a pay cheque) and a person who is not our customer tries to cash it in one of our stores, you agree that, to the extent permitted by law, we may charge the non-customer a service fee as a condition for cashing the cheque. We charge this tax to offset the additional costs and risks we face if the item is not deposited with another financial institution and is submitted to us for payment through the automated cheque collection system.