7.2 (d) The recipient acknowledges that he is registered at the conclusion of the contract and that he informs the supplier when he is no longer registered or if he ceases to meet one of the conditions of a judgment of the Australian Bureau of Taxation (“ATO”) necessary to issue an RCTI. 7.2 (c) The supplier acknowledges that it is registered at the conclusion of the contract and notifies the recipient if he is no longer registered; The written RCTI AGREEMENT between the recipient and the supplier must contain the following: The recipient`s tax invoice form assists companies registered by GST in the RCTI (Recipient-Created Tax Invoice) agreements. Like standard tax calculations, an RCTI must be a valid tax bill that must be accepted by the ATO when pre-tax credits are claimed on the ASA. Unless otherwise stated in context, the terms used in this clause have the meaning given to these terms by the GST Act (as amended from time to time). You can use an RCTI if and only all the following conditions are met: Each part of a delivery, which is considered a separate delivery for GST purposes (including the allocation of GST to tax deadlines) is treated as a separate delivery within the meaning of this clause 7.3 (b) If, for whatever reason, the supplier`s liability to GST is increased or reduced for deliveries made under the contract, then the amount paid by the recipient for that delivery must be increased or reduced by a similar amount (depending on the case). 7.2 (g) The supplier will inform the recipient if it believes that the GST exemption should be granted in accordance with the transitional provisions of the GST Act. The recipient then examines the legal situation to determine the availability of landfills. This clause applies to tax invoices established by the beneficiary, including: GST refers to the GST property and services tax or similar tax, including interest or penalties that may apply to it. “deliveries,” the provision of services for which bonuses are paid 7.3 (a) The recipient is not required to pay the GST, as the supplier`s liability to pay to the Australian tax office has been suspended. 7.2 (f) The above conditions are amended in accordance with GST laws and existing ATO decisions, as is required from time to time for the issuance of an RCTI; and 7.4 PAYG Withholding tax: I/We recognize that until Amway informs me that I have met the “business” criteria for ATO purposes, I/we will not have a business for tax purposes and will therefore not be required to name an Australian Business Number (ABN) at Amway; OR I/We are conducting a common law transaction and we will immediately make the ABN available to my company in order to avoid the requirement for Amway to deduct PAYG from bonuses payable to my company. 7.2 bis) The recipient may issue RCTIs for deliveries; 7.3 (c) Each refund is reduced by the amount of credits, refunds or other reductions or savings that the supplier can claim or receive with respect to VAT, goods and services tax, fuel tax credits, taxes and other taxes.