The SEG system is a tax-free system for renewable energy. If your company is registered VAT, VAT will be added to your export payment. You must complete a self-billing agreement form and HMRC declare any VAT as part of your tax return. Depending on the SEG licensee, you will receive your payments every 3 months to once a year. Each licensee can set their own payment cycles and it is important to know when payments are made before signing an agreement with your energy supplier. If you currently receive feed-in rates, you can continue to do so for the duration of your FIT contract. Because the FIT system also includes production rates, you earn more money if you stick to the FIT system. Once your agreement is reached, you can switch to the SEG. Give us evidence to show that you have a legitimate right to claim SEG export payments. An explanation form, available upon request, must be signed by the owner of the Generation Unit (s) who must confirm the contact information of the owner of the Generation Unit (s) and provide us (or our representatives) with safe and appropriate access to authorized export meters upon request. Even if you`re familiar with renewable energy, you may not know what anaerobic digestion is. This is the process of biodegrading organic materials to produce biogas.

You can then use this biogas as an energy source that is not emission-free, but is renewable. 10.3. You need to tell us if you are installing or removing a battery or storage device, so we will ask you to give us more information. But who have we heard of? Members who have been denied smart meters because of their solar panels. So make sure you receive a second-generation smart meter that can accept export meters if you are considering installing renewable technologies. For systems below 50 kW, you must also prove that your installer is certified. Most indoor solar panel systems fall into this category. The most common sizes are 4kW systems, 5kW or 6kW systems. 5.6. Before the 12-month period expires, we will contact you and provide you with any options; 9.1. If you are not a COMPANY subject to VAT; All SEG export payments are made without VAT.

Sub-paragraphs 9.2 to 9.5 do not apply. The eligibility criteria mean that you meet the qualification criteria set out in Term 4. The figures above are just a figure based on a 4kWp system that exports 1,975 kWh of electricity in one year. For the context, the average household consumption consumes 2,900kWh of electricity over one year. . While we wanted the government to impose a fair minimum price, the government only required electricity suppliers to buy electricity at a price above zero. The good news is that the electricity sector is changing rapidly, and there are many suppliers who want to use smart energy to provide a much more efficient, low-carbon energy system, and they want customers who want to participate. Please see our SEG League table for which suppliers make the first moves and where you could get the best price for your excess electricity. The amount you can get from these export rates depends on your SEG licensee. The Smart Export Guarantee system allows companies to decide on their own rates as long as they are more than zero. Currently you can get between 2-5.6p per kWh. If you have a separate export counter, the main measurement value displayed on the meter screen is the export value.

9.3. If you accept self-reporting, we charge VAT and give you a compliant self-billing you need to complete your VAT return. They are then responsible for declaring and paying HMRC the VAT on the self-billing account on due dates. We are not responsible for the fact that you do not put VAT on the bill charged by yourself as a revenue tax at the right time. We monitor and evaluate all offers from elector suppliers